Resolved Issues


WIFI-10070 Provision Service: Owprov getting restarted after performing firmware upgrade from venue actions
WIFI-10053 Prov service: Unable to fetch the venue analytics data
WIFI-10019 Prov Service: Some blanks entities seen with 404 error
WIFI-10017 Prov Service: Unable to fetch maps
WIFI-10005 prov service : Averaging of memory utilization under venue analytics involves wrong mathematics
WIFI-10004 Prov service: unable to fetch the data while accessing root entity
WIFI-9977 Starting RTTYS session may cause GW to crash
WIFI-9966 Delete button in Venue page missing for configuration
WIFI-9959 Adding default configuration malfunction
WIFI-9952 Gateway restarting issue
WIFI-9930 Self Hosted Runners are not picking up properly
WIFI-9927 Prov Service: We have 2 create tabs in Main Entity and Venue pages for creating child Entity and child venue.
WIFI-9925 Prov Service: Unable to create a new map when map page is in any customized map( Root node is in blocked state)
WIFI-9924 Prov Service: Unable to load Provising UI [page in qa01 instance.
WIFI-9921 Gateway Service: Telemetry fetching all the data when type is only selected to Wifi-frames/State/DHCP-Snooping
WIFI-9920 RTTYS does not work after upgrade to v2.6.0-RC5
WIFI-9839 prov service: clicking on the contacts throwing an error
WIFI-9838 prov service: clicking on the AP mac address under raw data is throwing an error.
WIFI-9837 prov service: navigating from venues to sub venues opening the operators tab
WIFI-9836 prov service: under dash board firmware is showing unknown
WIFI-9835 prov service: under dash board average device type is showing unknown
WIFI-9834 prov service: under dash board average uptime of an AP is not updating
WIFI-9833 prov service: under dash board memory of an AP is not updating
WIFI-9832 prov service: under dash board health of an AP is not updating
WIFI-9828 APs suddenly getting disconnected from gateway side
WIFI-9790 prov service : the Live View not showing all the AP's in graph
WIFI-9787 prov service : rounding off the averaged values are not even.
WIFI-9773 WiFi Scan is not working as there is no request going when user click on Wifi Scan
WIFI-9744 PROV-UI: OWSEC is not showing on the System page
WIFI-9660 If we give invalid IP address, It is not throwing any error
WIFI-9654 [MPSK Remote]The request to Packet Fence is getting rejected due to duplicate VSA attribute send from AP
WIFI-9643 Prov UI: Port forwarding is not throwing up error when given invalid IP and when same external port and different internal port.
WIFI-9635 Radius Proxy Config not accepted by AP
WIFI-9632 Analytics may lock.
WIFI-9621 The Error is showing up when password authentication is disabled (when modified from disable-->enable--->disable)
WIFI-9619 Prov Service: client life cycle tab showing no results
WIFI-9616 Provisioning Service restarted while performing configuration push testing altering Weight parameter
WIFI-9615 Prov Service: Interval in Analytics is taking the negative values for Seconds.
WIFI-9614 Prov Service: Retention in Analytics is taking the negative values for Days.
WIFI-9601 Prov Service: Analytics is not checking the mandatory tabs.
WIFI-9600 Prov Service: Search button under inventory is getting blocked randomly
WIFI-9598 Prov Service: Venue Dash board is unable to fetch showing an error
WIFI-9596 Prov Service: mini map is removed under the map in the latest version.
WIFI-9595 Prov Service: color indications are removed under the map in the latest version.
WIFI-9564 unable to give contact no in my account
WIFI-9563 Significance of State in device details, it not showing any data regarding connected/disconnected state of AP
WIFI-9562 System tab is showing no info in OWSUB and throwing an error after refreshing.
WIFI-9561 Config page is not staying back after the device specific configuration is saved to push the configuration
WIFI-9558 Prov service: importing the APs from csv file format is throwing error
WIFI-9555 Prov UI: Zoom in, Zoom out options are not visible as they were seen in previous versions
WIFI-9553 Prov UI: Sub-Venues analytics is not seen in the main venue
WIFI-9552 Prov UI: Health in Prov UI dashboard is not not matching with health in gateway
WIFI-9551 Prov UI: Analytics not getting saved and taking long time to load dashboard, Live view and Client Lifecycle
WIFI-9538 Prov UI: Random Selection of config in Entity level
WIFI-9537 Gateway went down unexpectedly and required manual restart
WIFI-9472 Provisoning: "Error Fetching Analytics" error message appears when we navigate to each entity
WIFI-9471 Prov UI: QR code Error while doing Multi factor Authentication in Google Authenticator
WIFI-9470 Prov UI: Status in columns is un-ticked but still visible in Raw Data
WIFI-9469 Prov UI: Deleted Configuration still shown even after deleting it without getting it saved
WIFI-9467 Prov UI: While Creating a location, Country is not marked as required and US is default chosen
WIFI-9466 Prov UI: Unable to add a device and contact in a Root Entity
WIFI-9461 RADIUS information configuring differently in AP
WIFI-9362 Provisioning UI: Live View noise display not accurate and not labelled properly
WIFI-9305 ath11k: WDS not working in station mode
WIFI-9235 Provisioning Service UI: Client LIfecycle table not refreshing
WIFI-9234 Gateway UI refresh not working
WIFI-9162 Prov UI: Error while editing and saving a configuration
WIFI-9158 CIG-194C4 is broken after upgrade to images post 5/17
WIFI-8096 API error is showing while pushing any configuration on AP
WIFI-8057 Basic 3: Ec420 testbed is crashed and we are not able to access it.
WIFI-8054 UI page pointing wrong Image even if we able to upgrade the AP
WIFI-8053 WPA security feature is not working on few APs
WIFI-8049 TLS security feature is not working on any testbeds
WIFI-8037 The Ap is automatically after some time getting offline but connected clients are shown in udaya ap
WIFI-8012 In bridge-mode clients associated to AP can not ping each other.
WIFI-8004 Provision UI: Root/Admin Users don't have access to delete other maps
WIFI-7997 AP is pointing to new serial number with newer Firmware image
WIFI-7992 Provision UI: The Entities, Venues and Devices are not aligned properly after creating new map
WIFI-7974 Provision UI: unable to edit and save configuration while doing device specific configuration
WIFI-7972 Provision UI: Setting default map is not persisting
WIFI-7955 Public IP visibility on AP
WIFI-7948 Not able to get the client-ip (for connected users) in kafka stream
WIFI-7909 Streaming telemetry to Kafka does not stop after lifetime
WIFI-7891 Prov-UI: trying to add interface config and update is failing through Prov ui.
WIFI-7880 Multiple BSSID configuration tab for 6g client is not present in tagged parameters
WIFI-7876 Provision UI: Serial number column is by default in Increasing order sorting
WIFI-7875 Provision UI: All Special Characters are not accepted in Password
WIFI-7867 Add Content-Type header to CLI script commands where it is required
WIFI-7855 6g Channel number fixed in the configuration file not reflecting in iwinfo.
WIFI-7851 Rtty on the latest 2.6 is broken
WIFI-7841 Provision UI : Configuratons are lost after UI upgraded to Version 2.6.189
WIFI-7838 Client IP Address not available
WIFI-7830 ip-collide / routing metric not mitigating
WIFI-7828 owsec service: 403 response code while logout the token during sanity runs
WIFI-7810 Not seeing any FILS in the 6g broadcast information
WIFI-7779 Provision UI: Emails ID's are not verifying while users creating their Account
WIFI-7674 FMS: FIRMWARE Version JSON is missing Image
WIFI-7616 qa01 gateway with 2.6 release has sluggishness/slowness on output when commands executed on rtty session. eg: iwinfo, logread etc.
WIFI-7611 Laptop fails to connect to Indio's UM-305AX AP
WIFI-7586 Prov-UI: User creation enforces password rule. but rule is not defined.
WIFI-7585 Prov-UI:Configuration pushed from Prov-UI gets pushed and reflects timestamp on Gw, but not in config/ or on command history
WIFI-7584 Prov-UI:when I connect to device using"connect" tab on Gateway, and login, logread command is not returning..its stuck.
WIFI-7564 The qa01 gateway service going down frequently after 2.6 upgrade
WIFI-7554 Actiontec WEB7200 APs factory partition corrupted on sysupgrade
WIFI-7553 WF610D upgrade fails from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0 build
WIFI-7515 Assertion violation when starting RTTYS session
WIFI-7442 Wifi-6E AP does not connect to 5G clients
WIFI-7265 Ath11k DFS not performing as expected
WIFI-7189 Throughput significantly decreases while running L3 traffic with QoS config
WIFI-7188 Clients are unable to scan 2G SSID in sanity
WIFI-6854 Rate limiting feature is not working with multiple SSIDs
WIFI-6392 uCentral client does not reconnect automatically
WIFI-6343 AP deleted from CloudSDK GUI is not listed in under Tables after re-registering
WIFI-6342 User accounts not displayed
WIFI-6325 Copy to clipboard option isn't working
WIFI-6171 Wi-scan feature in UI failure with 5Ghz SSID's
WIFI-6159 UI: Device status are showing incorrect values across different graphs
WIFI-1834 ecw5410: WiFi to LAN connectivity broken in bridge setup.
WIFI-1699 ecw5410: dnsmasq was not running.
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