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TIP OpenWiFi

TIP OpenWiFi enables a turnkey-from-factory experience for the managed Wi-Fi ecosystem.

As a TIP member, an ODM or OEM can offer a TIP SKU direct from the factory. This opportunity has numerous advantages including scale of supply, ease of distribution, partner branding, and use of standard software including device certificates direct from your factory.

Step 1 : Join

If your organization is not already a TIP Open Converged Wireless Project Group (OCW PG) member, consider signing up. Joining the OCW PG is free as a Software Participation Tier in TIP.

For more information please visit: Becoming a Member

Step 2 : Slack, Keys & Atlassian Tools

Introduce your organization to the Community on Slack. All Community members have access to Telecom Infra Project Slack. Send a message to "general" and "open-wifi-ucentral" channels.

Send an email to to request onboarding as a supplier for OpenWiFi SKU devices.

Ensure your GitHub account was linked in your Telecom Infra Project user profile, this will enable write access to OpenWiFi repositories. Also confirm Atlassian link is also present in user profile.

Step 3 : Build your device profile

Devices follow standard Linux patch process for enhancements and bug fixes. A development branch should be defined, perform work necessary to add support for the new device including a new profile for the build system.

Test your work locally, when confident push and submit a pull request for the next branch.

Follow the guidance posted: Source Code & Repositories

Step 4 : Submit Device for Community Lab Testing

To obtain access to TIP OpenWiFi support and regression, devices must be sent to the Community Test Lab for QA sanity automation. A formal process for obtaining a TIP OpenWiFi Logo mark will be launched in 2022.


If the pull request review is successful the new device will be merged.

When an ODM or OEM device vendor has been onboarded with license keys, the device will be included in nightly builds.

TIP OpenWiFi