What's New
The latest release includes the following new features.


  • Ath11k Ath12k CSU updates
    • Latest stable Qualcomm patches
    • Kernel and back port handling 5.10 – 5.4
  • L3 Collision Enhancement
    • Second device WAN detects itself in the same IP space as its own LAN
    • Second LAN Auto-Select Non-Overlapping next nibble subnet
  • OpenRoaming Feature Parity
  • Expanded Wi-Fi Scan
    • >30 IEs now available using the API
  • RADIUS Proxy – Gateway • TIP Vendor 58888
    • Device Serial Number added by host apd
    • Gateway sends to pool of RADIUS servers
    • Response handled cloud native to Gateway Northbound
    • Gateway over WebSocket to AP (hostapdonlocalhost)
  • Enables Dynamic Multi-PSK
    • KeyNonce shared via RADIUS
  • Per UE
    • Uplink/Downlink Traffic Control over WISPr AVPs
    • PSK per VLAN
  • Enables Change of Authorization (CoA) and Disconnect Message (DM) via Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP)
    • Re-use of the WebSocket requires no additional networking or device agent support
    • Permits all Cloud MSPs to use the Cloud SDK for any AAA messaging
    • AAA builds knowledge of the TIPPEN 5888 Serial Number


The latest release includes the following new SDK features.

Provisioning Service

  • New UI with Quality Dashboard per Venue/Entity
  • Operators, Subscriber Devices, Subscribers
  • Device Specific Configurations
  • Venue Resources
  • Interface Configuration
  • Venue Notifications WebSocket
  • Google Authenticator for Multi-Factor
  • Self-care Portal API for mobile app devs
  • Analytics
    • Client Lifecycle ( life of a UE )
    • Venue dashboard ( Associations, AP health, Status )
    • Live View ( Active UE Associations, Connection Quality )

Gateway Service

  • Bandwidth and IE options in the WiFi Scan API
  • Entity/Venue/Subscriber device association
  • Ping device RTT latency
  • Telemetry via WebSocket or Kafka
  • WebSocket state for device reboot/firmware update in device page updates and device list tables
  • RADIUS Pool ( Proxy )

Analytics Service

  • Aggregation of telemetry per Venue
  • Enables Provisioning Dashboards and any dev seeking aggregation by Venue or Entity
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