Metrics Settings Example

A common example is to inherit the desired telemetry for all devices spanning all types, at a top level.

It remains possible to override the values shown here, perhaps to a faster interval, for the required telemetry data defined at the top level.

Create Configuration

Create a general configuration, select Metrics as the Configuration Section.

Within the Subsections select all metrics types to be included and a weight for this template.

Available metrics:


WiFi Frames

Select Management Frame reports to send. Values include: Probe, Auth, Assoc, DeAuth, Disassoc, Local-Deauth, Inactive-Deauth, Key-Mismatch, Beacon-Report, Radar-Detected


Set Interval of all Statistics and types including: SSID, LLDP, Clients

DHCP Snooping

Select the DHCP & DHCPv6 frames to send in telemetry including: ACK, DISCOVER, OFFER, REQUEST, REPLY, RENEW, SOLICIT


Interval to send automated health check score

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