TIP OpenWiFi 2.0

Passpoint® brings seamless, automatic and secure Wi-Fi connectivity using either pre-provisioned credentials or the SIM card in a mobile device. Passpoint provides simple, fast online sign-up and provisioning that is only required upon a user’s first visit to a Passpoint network. Once a Passpoint enabled device contains the Wi-Fi AP or network credentials, it will discover and securely connect when the user is nearby—without requiring additional user action. This makes staying connected while mobile infinitely easier, and because Passpoint employs enterprise-level security, users can feel confident their data is better protected.

Passpoint® also delivers more value to carriers, service providers, and IT managers of enterprise networks, enabling:

  • Mobile data offload

  • Wi-Fi networks for

    • Hospitality, venues and enterprise

    • Streamlined, enterprise-class device provisioning and credential management for enterprise and other private networks

  • Wi-Fi–based services such as Wi-Fi calling, and collaboration tools

  • Wi-Fi roaming agreements across carriers and service providers

  • Opportunities to engage users and extract additional value from the network

Passpoint® is already supported by most enterprise-class APs on the market today, and natively supported by major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10. With active support from a wide ecosystem of device manufacturers, mobile operators, and service providers, Passpoint® benefits both users and Wi-Fi network providers

TIP OpenWiFi