OpenWiFi 2.0 SDK

Each device presents Metrics and Health check data to the Gateway. Devices view displays this information in the following organization:

  • Status

  • Configuration

  • Logs

  • Health

  • Commands

  • Statistics

  • Command History


Connection status reflects the Gateway to Device current communications status. Uptime and Last Contact reflect communication state. Load indicates processing load on the device. Memory Used indicates free memory on the device.


Device UUID, Serial Number, MAC Address and Device Type are displayed. Last configuration update date and timestamp reflects the last time a "configure" action completed on the device. Password may be set and device notes may be added.


Log history of the device is presented within Logs. Expand the tile selecting the down arrow.


Health score is an active tile reflecting the device health out of a score reported by the device to Gateway. Health metrics are configured on the device based on chosen data model options. When the device falls out of 100%, this tile changes to red. Expanding the tile will present all health reports. Those with less than 100% score will contain reasons for the result from this interface.


Commands tile provides a number of administrative actions for the user:



Warm Restart remote device

Firmware Upgrade

Initiate firmware upgrade process

WiFi Scan

Initiate remote scan of surrounding Wi-Fi


Initiate an rTTY Remote Shell session


Set LEDs to On, Off or Blinking state


Initiate a remote Packet Capture

Factory Reset

Hard Reset remote device - destroys device local config


Upload Device Configuration

TIP OpenWiFi