Multi-PSK (MDU Shared Key)

TIP OpenWiFi 2.0

Multiple Pre Shared Key is a popular configuration option in Multi Dwelling Unit, dormitory or similar environment where it is costly to implement complex 802.1x security however that same level of per-client security is highly desired.

A SSID when configured for multi-psk can have multiple PSK/VID mappings. Each one of them can be bound to a specific MAC or be a wildcard.

            "ssids": [
                    "name": "MDU Wi-Fi",
                    "wifi-bands": [
                    "bss-mode": "ap",
                    "encryption": {
                        "proto": "psk2",
                        "ieee80211w": "optional",
                        "key": "OpenWifi"
                    "multi-psk": [
                            "key": "akey",
                            "vlan-id": 100
                            "key": "bkey"
                            "vlan-id": 200
                    "roaming": {
                        "message-exchange": "ds",
                        "generate-psk": true

Note: M-PSK passwords must be unique per vlan-id as the device will attempt to match security key to assigned virtual lan. In the above example, a password of OpenWifi will match the untagged interface of the SSID and unique password of "akey" will match client(s) to virtual lan 100.

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