WIFI-4864 Allow DNSMASQ based DNS service to include CPE ID and add-mac option
WIFI-7329 SDK microservice to support RadSec proxy tunnel mode from Open Wi-FI APs
WIFI-10346 Configuration of CoA/DM on both 2.4/5 Gig - doesn't bring up one band
WIFI-10554 Prov UI Analytics: improve display of unrecognized device software
WIFI-10558 Add 6G radio support in GW.
WIFI-10559 Add 6G radio support in Analytics
WIFI-10736 Internal/external endpoints for owrrm
WIFI-10810 Prov UI: migrating to React 18 and Vite
WIFI-10863 Gateway UI: Display device certificate expiry date
WIFI-10887 EOGRE tunnel feature over IPv6 network
WIFI-10910 Enable internal port in RRM deployment
WIFI-10959 Switch fmtlib and aws to prebuilt packages in Dockerfiles
WIFI-11223 GW UI: migrating to the PROV UI look and feel
WIFI-11224 delete pcap files on an AP after uploading them
WIFI-11234 SSID counters and Client counters don't exist in statistics.
WIFI-11262 AP Health check changes for DNS/DHCP and Radius
WIFI-11273 Prov UI: In the Services field, under Subsections the captive option is not present
WIFI-11303 Update framework for 2.8
WIFI-11391 Prov UI - Add new metrics.health values
WIFI-11432 Add FW signature field
WIFI-11433 Add visibility into device certificate expiration
WIFI-11434 Update SCRIPT command to supported restricted devices
WIFI-11451 GW UI: current build actions are failing on GitHub
WIFI-11454 GW UI: certificate expiry date and restrict levels should be displayed
WIFI-11455 PROV UI: env variables not being loaded
WIFI-11461 OWLS UI: migrating to PROV-UI look and feel
WIFI-11477 Add Configuration Override necessary for RRM
WIFI-11478 Prov UI: support for configuration override
WIFI-11541 Not responding probe request if maximum UEs association is reached on the AP
WIFI-11542 GW: Script Management
WIFI-11543 GW & Prov UI: add API keys management support
WIFI-11564 GW UI: add access to API logs
WIFI-11565 Prov UI: logs page
WIFI-11620 Add support for restricted devices according to factory restrictions.json in GW
WIFI-11623 Add support to read restriction.json file from certificate partition
WIFI-11624 AP to include restriction as part of the capabilities
WIFI-11625 Allow for developer override
WIFI-11626 Add a public key to the certificate directory at time of factory
WIFI-11627 Add a restriction.json to the certificate directory at time of factory
WIFI-11628 Restrict ability to run scripts (ASB) on the AP
WIFI-11630 Restrict Country Codes for the unit
WIFI-11631 Restrict DFS
WIFI-11706 Prov UI: infinite loading spinner in 'Dashboard' and 'Live View' venue tabs
WIFI-11709 EAP104: Make EAP104 switch ports configurable
WIFI-11728 GW UI: 6G associations should be showed in the Devices table
WIFI-11742 GW UI: wifi analysis should display bands when available
WIFI-11746 Support signature for upgrade and script execution
WIFI-11747 Support automatic signing of firmware and scripts
WIFI-11753 Gateway Service: Need better viewing experience while displaying error message
WIFI-11780 I am getting indexOf page if i am using any dns ip ( for captive.
WIFI-11781 /logoff response should be 302 redirect url with "res: 'logoff'"
WIFI-11782 not getting stop packet in accounting after logoff
WIFI-11855 Ensure that the output of the default ASB script is compatible with future updates
WIFI-11858 GW UI: sticky device command bar on larger screens
WIFI-11869 Add support for self-signed Radsec
WIFI-11896 Advance Captive Portal: Username of captive portal authenticated users are missing in the telemetry data
WIFI-11909 Update to 2.8 default data model & proper URL
WIFI-11928 Remove tid and survey data from state message
WIFI-11932 Setting up appropriate terminate cause
WIFI-11957 GW UI: device search bar should be present on device screen
WIFI-11958 GW UI: displaying restriction details on device page
WIFI-11959 GW UI: adding 3 yuncore model images
WIFI-11967 Expand State Link-state to include linux interface statistics
WIFI-11972 Bring up for yuncore ax480


WIFI-10419 Enable CN check on SSL level [wlan-ucentral-client]
WIFI-10964 Missing length validation for forwarding/delivering frames [wlan-ap]
WIFI-10967 AP Scripting Framework
WIFI-10968 Develop ASB Script to invoke through GW API
WIFI-11430 ASB support on GW
WIFI-11576 HFCL WiFi6 new Target Addition - ION4x and ION4x_2
WIFI-11602 Script location
WIFI-12008 Update version 1 of State Schema


WIFI-10918 Support API Key creation and use in SDK

New Feature

WIFI-7266 [ZTP] Zero touch provisioning when AP cannot access Internet
WIFI-10396 MAC ACL feature on the wireless side
WIFI-10920 Ability to set the STA MAC address format in redirect URL and in RADIUS Auth+Acct messages
WIFI-11196 Restructure repository into multimodule project