WIFI-10560 Add 6G radio support in Subscriber Portal

WIFI-11206 Develop RESTAPIs in the provisioning module to configure VLANs on LAN ports on access points

WIFI-11261 WLAN Security Issues

WIFI-11960 Bring up files for OAP101

WIFI-12013 Update to support version 1.0 of state message

WIFI-12046 Kernel backports from 4.4 for performance

WIFI-12047 Backport vxlan support

WIFI-12048 NAPI Threading patch backport

WIFI-12049 OpenWrt config generation fixes for targets

WIFI-12050 Kernel oops handling using pstore

WIFI-12051 update for ipq60xx

WIFI-12052 update for ipq807x

WIFI-12053 update for ipq50xx

WIFI-12054 edgecore eap104 - BDF update

WIFI-12056 edgecore eap104 - WAN port has no RX

WIFI-12059 CI for supporting builds from a new next branch

WIFI-12061 update hfcl wifi 6 boards

WIFI-12069 test WDS functionality on latest drivier

WIFI-12089 drop Q14 support as there are no active users

WIFI-12270 GW should show the AP is in developer mode or not

WIFI-12377 allow more than one external captive portal definition per AP

WIFI-12378 OWLS: Update to support the latest version of the Health Check message

WIFI-12433 Gateway UI: IP address display when AP is behind a NAT router

WIFI-12435 GW UI: device table column size reductions and standardizations

WIFI-12436 GW UI: add uptime, GPS location and provisioning status columns to device table

WIFI-12437 GW UI: commonly used actions should be available with one click in the device table

WIFI-12474 AP: Add Public IP reporting support in state message

WIFI-12492 PROV UI: Venue/Entity page layout rework

WIFI-12511 BSSID MAC address issue in EAP104

WIFI-12525 2.10 Framework updates

WIFI-12539 Support multiple S3 providers

WIFI-12570 add roaming 'auto' button to data model

WIFI-12571 OWLS UI: theme update

WIFI-12572 Allow a configurable session timeout for APs

WIFI-12573 reduce AP WSS Ping timeout to 60

WIFI-12574 GW UI: theme improvements

WIFI-12575 PROV UI: theme improvements

WIFI-12590 Improve sysupgrade to better cover failures

WIFI-12593 report btime from AP proc stat interface

WIFI-12596 rtty: allow disabling mTLS for backward GW compatibility

WIFI-12603 GW UI: add support for device types which include country codes

WIFI-12610 Add support for APNOS connect reason

WIFI-12612 GW UI: display device connectReason on device table and page

WIFI-12613 GW UI: display reboot logs on device page

WIFI-12614 GW UI: adding VLAN to device statistics display

WIFI-12618 GWUI should show all AP-RC firmware Images all the time

WIFI-12630 Add the ability to delete devices in bulk

WIFI-12651 GW UI: Device FW Upgrade page to include a Toggle Option

WIFI-12660 Prov UI: Add Push Configuration option next the actions drop menu


WIFI-11723 Advanced Captive Portal is not working on multiple interfaces

WIFI-12019 EAP101: unable to configure more than 8 SSIDs

WIFI-12305 Captive Portal: Radius-Rate-limiting is not applying if the client disconnect and connect back

WIFI-12380 AP stuck in unaccessible/unrecoverable mode sometimes due to inability of loading config json at boot time

WIFI-12419 EAP104: BSSIDs are not derived from eth0

WIFI-12420 API7340: eth0 MAC address doesn't get set properly

WIFI-12461 Unable to restrict AP after reboot: restrictions.json file is not adding in the /etc/ucentral/ folder

WIFI-12500 Bad temperature on edgecore 5410

WIFI-12502 WF196: FTM and qca-diag fail to compile under v5.4 kernel support

WIFI-12505 a number of APs lost connection with the controller while using v2.9.0

WIFI-12507 Device serial number is missing in AP events.

WIFI-12521 multiple APs at same site disconnected from controller and some never recovered

WIFI-12529 EAP102: Scan for short duration makes client lose Internet connectivity

WIFI-12534 2.9.0 AP NOS: Radius Request attribute with Hex value not configurable from controller

WIFI-12538 CIG WF-196 BDF for 6G, CA version is not correct

WIFI-12576 GW, PROV & SIM UI: cache invalidation not working

WIFI-12579 Add OpenWiFi support for Cybertan EWW 631 APs

WIFI-12582 state message doesn't show the vlan interface for dynamic vlan using radius feature

WIFI-12584 Configurations not retained after Firmware upgrade

WIFI-12585 Redirecting to incorrect URL instead of PROVUI from GW

WIFI-12586 Processes hang with CoA DM on RADIUS mac-filter SSIDs

WIFI-12591 cig wf-660a bringup

WIFI-12597 Unable to click and choose Custom option for RRM in Prov UI

WIFI-12600 Not getting all the list of firmwares available for CIGWF196 AP

WIFI-12604 Certificate problems working with a remotely deployed OW Controller

WIFI-12616 CIG WF-186w :Set ethernet/wireless mac address

WIFI-12634 Large number of auto-configuration updates may cause slow GW

WIFI-12639 Not getting crash or reboot logs in the GWUI

WIFI-12640 Some stations get zero throughput on 80+ station upload test.

WIFI-12641 APs Disconnecting and Failing to Renew IP Address

WIFI-12646 EAP101: loses IP address after dhcp lease time expires

WIFI-12648 Port enable / disable does n't work correctly on Edgecore EAP 101 AP

WIFI-12664 Gateway UI showing unordered Firmware Images.

WIFI-12665 Ratelimit with RADIUS is not working

WIFI-12670 Datapath: No ping session / traffic is running between wired and wireless client.

WIFI-12671 Gateway UI: WiFi Analysis Showing Opposite and wrong values(TX/RX) for Upload and Download scenarios

WIFI-12672 ECW5211 AP radio 0/1 interface down after upgrading to 2.10RC1 image

WIFI-12674 some configurations appear to prevent metrics reporting in v2.10-rc1

WIFI-12675 AP is upgrading without signature when sysupgrade: true in the restrictions.json file

WIFI-12676 Not getting state message data If we have valn Interface

WIFI-12689 Uable to push config from GW. Error: 1008: Configuration block type invalid.

WIFI-12693 Cert Portal: Access Denied error trying to load certificate

WIFI-12694 PROV UI: adding new SSID roaming configuration option

WIFI-12696 Unable to authenticate client with captive-local-credentials ERROR: Invalid credentials


WIFI-12578 add pstore/pmsg support

WIFI-12581 Add Support for HFCL WallPlate WiFi6 model ( HFCL ION4xi_wp )

WIFI-12601 pstore: make console logging work.

WIFI-12645 AP: Add Public IP reporting support in state message

WIFI-12650 CIG WF-186w : mac addr&rtl 8367s switch patch

WIFI-12656 CIG WF-186w : Update 5G BDF

WIFI-12679 CIG WF-186w : update uart pin setting for commuciation between ble and soc


WIFI-12016 CloudSDK GW Service

WIFI-12407 RADIUS-ACCOUNTING-STOP when AP is disconnected from controller

New Feature

WIFI-12366 Multiple captive ssid's are not working with single AP.

WIFI-12382 Onboarding CIG WF-186W

WIFI-12411 CIG WF-186w : Add WF-186w support

WIFI-12423 create ability to capture username/mac mapping during radius authentication

WIFI-12440 add “cpu” statistics to the metrics collection

WIFI-12501 GW UI: add ability to change table column order

WIFI-12506 GW UI: support viewing and searching radius clients

WIFI-12516 OWLS UI: add support for concurrent simulations

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