WIFI-7573 Single SSID MDU Solution with Personal Area Network


WIFI-10040 SDK Framework Upgrade
WIFI-9620 RADIUS Gateway Proxy
WIFI-7571 Wireguard Overlay Services
WIFI-7570 CSU2 QCA Update
WIFI-7077 Missing Feature in Radsecproxy for 1.x parity and OpenRoaming support
WIFI-5820 Headless devices: Data Model for Open SSID MAC Authentication configuration push to PacketFence
WIFI-3758 Proxy Static Routing Test Functionality

New Feature

WIFI-9465 APNOS: Handling CoA/DM messages
WIFI-9121 make sure vxlan interfaces become part of a bridge
WIFI-9120 add "script" command handling to the AP firmware
WIFI-7986 Add support for Radius TLV (AP Serial Number) using TIP-OWF VSA
WIFI-7712 add support for dual boot
WIFI-7572 Firewall Features
WIFI-7458 Dynamic Subscriber Access - Remote WPA2 Handshake MIC Verification
WIFI-3310 RADIUS Interworking OpenWiFi SDK


WIFI-9306 ipq807x: bring up wallytech dr6018
WIFI-8042 merge PR fixes from
WIFI-8040 Add Minim / Motorola Q14 support
WIFI-7516 Support for Indio's UM-305AX AP Based on Mediatek Platform
WIFI-7436 Switch to built-in RTTYS
WIFI-7434 Two SQL injections, GetCommands and DeleteCommands
WIFI-7433 Relative path traversal in RTTYS [ucentral-gw:rttys]
WIFI-7206 Add workflow to build virtual AP firmware image
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