Dynamic Multi PSK

When venue authentication will support client mobility it is desirable to not cause re-authentication from one AP to another.

As with the Multi PSK feature that locally provides this functionality to enable a subscriber to have a subscriber based PSK when authenticated creates a private network, this functionality may also be handled via RADIUS to support large venue topologies.

The authentication protocol type is psk2-radius . Add the RADIUS system appropriate for the network.

	"ssids": [
			"name": "OpenWifi",
			"wifi-bands": [
			"bss-mode": "ap",
			"encryption": {
				"proto": "psk2-radius",
				"ieee80211w": "optional"
			"radius": {
				"authentication": {
					"host": "",
					"port": 1812,
					"secret": "secret"
				"accounting": {
					"host": "",
					"port": 1813,
					"secret": "secret"

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