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OpenWiFi 2.0
OpenWiFi 2.0 Minimum Viable Product at the end of July, 2021 enables a cloud native and cloud agnostic Software Development Kit (SDK) with management and deployment support for a wide range of Access Point and PoE network switch platforms.

Initial release 2.0 SDK includes:

    Zero Touch Cloud Discovery
    Firmware Management
    User Interface
      Device List
      Device Reboot
      Device LED Blink
      Device Remote Packet Capture
      Device Configuration
      Device Factory Reset
      Device Remote TTY shell
      Remote Wi-Fi Scan
        UE (Wi-Fi Clients)
        Mesh and WDS Clients
        MCS, NSS, RSSI, Channel, SSID, Tx/Rx
      Device Health Check
      Interface Statistics
      Device Command History
Upcoming sprint for August includes Dynamic Provisioning service support for template based device configuration.
OpenWiFi 2.0 SDK is deployable as both a Docker Compose or a Helm on Kubernetes model. See Release 2.0 SDK section for installation instructions.
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