IEEE 802.1Q VLAN over IEEE 802.11 SSID

802.1Q VLAN to 802.11 Wi-Fi SSID

When assigning an SSID to a VLAN, this has the affect of adding the Virtual LAN inner tag to the header of Ethernet frames once Wi-Fi client traffic reaches the Access Point for forwarding onward over Ethernet.

The 'WAN' side of the Access Point will present an Ethernet sub-interface with the Virtual LAN identifier equivalent to VLAN set duing SSID creation.

802.1Q VLAN SSID is configured within Profiles, SSID Profile:

  • Create a Profile of type SSID

    • Assign a Profile Name

  • Create the SSID

    • Assign SSID Name

    • Set related optional SSID parameters

  • Network Connectivity

    • Mode is set as Bridge

  • Security and Encryption

    • VLAN is set to 'Use Custom VLAN'

      • Enter desired value from 2 - 4,095

Enter VLAN for SSID

Once the SSID Profile configured for a unique VLAN is associated to an Access Point, clients will receive DHCP, Routing, DNS from the Virtual LAN of the upstream network provider

Client Service via VLAN SSID