Open API

Online and Local Open API Access

TIP Open Wi-Fi controller implements an Open API compliant NorthBound Interface (NBI) to assist with integration and related back office features.

Cloud SDK north bound API is a key function for most open source community members or vendors seeking to consume the SDK for integration or for value added software development above the SDK layer.

Swagger is a useful tool to explore and learn any system API. Both online and local options are available to help development teams consume the Cloud SDK.

Running a local Swagger instance requires a current version of NodeJS installed.

Online Swagger - Cloud SDK Open API

Current SDK open API is available at the following URL: CloudSDK Open API

Local Swagger - Obtain latest Cloud SDK Open API Model

When running a local instance of Swagger, first obtain the most current Cloud SDK open API from source control:

Install Swagger

mkdir ~/swagger
cd ~/swagger
git clone
cd swagger-editor
git clone
cd ~/swagger/swagger-editor
npm install
npm run build
npm start

With Swagger running, open the Open API data model file and begin to use locally on port 9091 or add your own TIP Open Wi-Fi controller to the Swagger definitions. Remember to obtain an OAuth bearer token to 'Authorize' your session.

Successful login to Swagger on localhost:9091