Resolved Issues
WIFI-6014 Gateway will accept any simulator input
WIFI-6013 CIG_194C AP is going in out of RAM State and getting crashed when connecting 128 stations
WIFI-5981 GW accepts commands for unknown devices.
WIFI-5965 UI: A device with connected status on SDK central instance can not connect to console.
WIFI-5841 Country_Code_SOUTH_AFRICA: Client connectivity fails for channels under U-NII-2C 5GHz band (20/40/80Mhz) (build-next-d58d87a)
WIFI-5834 UI: mismatch serial AP: post upgrade now has another new MAC address. Old entry still stay on UI
WIFI-5828 MU-MIMO is not working EAP-102
WIFI-5826 webui: Dashboard not displaying accurate associations on several places plus suggested UI issues combined
WIFI-5825 AP194C: post upgrade connected to SDK but has a mismatch serial warning /changed mac
WIFI-5795 REGDM is outdated inside qca/ax BDF files
WIFI-5794 hfcl_ion4 CI device type is wrong
WIFI-5785 TPlink ex227/447 are using the wrong memory profile
WIFI-5782 DFS: CAC start is failing on channel 52 on EAP102 using latest image.:TIP-devel-0e0f8c6
WIFI-5780 UI:command history does not auto populate in TIP-devel-0e0f8c6 ( compared to 2.3)
WIFI-5779 EAP101 AP - UI feature- Showing as Mismatch serial
WIFI-5732 hostapd: add script foo for multiple_bssid/ema
WIFI-5701 rate-limiting only works on 2.4GHz
WIFI-5625 Wi-Fi Scan breaks 5GHz 11ax 80MHz and 40MHz operation
WIFI-5535 Interop(Manual)captive portal:5GHz: Verify that internet access after getting successful splash page on WPA authentication-iOS--Error While Joining the SSID
WIFI-5444 Interop:Mobiles are not showing 5g ssid after getting Successfully pushed by AP
WIFI-5423 WiFi Frames in Telemetry Non Functional
WIFI-5415 Docker Compose Self-Signed Non-LB Not Deploy Functional
WIFI-5414 Interop: Iphone is not getting connected for 5g wpa2_enterprise ssid
WIFI-5404 Interop: phones unable to select enterprise ssids in iOS
WIFI-5389 Hitting Invalid Response Code from Gateway when executing /configure
WIFI-5292 Viasat - XWF Wired Client Not getting IP/rediret
WIFI-4913 Test Failiure due to not showing WPA Enterprise VLAN 5g SSID's on the mobiles
WIFI-4387 AP in disconnected state in the UI
WIFI-4267 Radio down for 2G ssid
WIFI-3967 Interface names and MAC address not stable on CIG-194C and EX-447 on uCentral load
WIFI-3721 WIFI6 AP's - 2G radio is getting down, during test execution
WIFI-3701 Captive Portal : Captive portal is not working on WF188n (basic 5)
WIFI-3413 Why does interop test summary banner show up on non-interop marker runs
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