WIFI-5726 Security fixes for 2.4


WIFI-5998 Detect if an invalid channel is requested on 5G 40/80MHz
WIFI-5997 Make it possible to flash r2.4 on eap102 with older bootloaders
WIFI-5823 MU-MIMO setting need to be fine tuned
WIFI-5728 APNOS CSu1 Update
WIFI-5439 Enhance Maverick Stage - TIming
WIFI-4934 Coova Based External Captive Portal support in Bridge Mode
WIFI-3760 Last Resort Proxy Routing
WIFI-3758 Proxy Static Routing Test Functionality
WIFI-3628 Document ZTM Onboarding
WIFI-2675 QoS management
WIFI-1793 Scale 5,000 - 20,000 per OpenWiFi 2.0 Cloud Service - Stand alone
WIFI-1792 Extend OWLS to uCentral Device Types

New Feature

WIFI-5797 Add support for HFCL ion4x wifi-6 (in/outdoor) SKU
WIFI-5723 Add DFS channel list to capabilities
WIFI-5703 Add ATF scheduler
WIFI-4888 Wispr AVPs for Dynamic Subscriber QoS - Traffic Shaping
WIFI-3322 ATF Dynamic Fair Queue
WIFI-2064 Implementation of Social Wi-Fi
WIFI-368 OCI Container Support in AP NOS - Testing


WIFI-5724 IP rate limit for sensitive endpoints
WIFI-2852 Documentation PPPoE OpenWiFi 2.0


WIFI-5772 Hardcoded RTTY access configuration [ucentral-deploy]
WIFI-5767 Add support for CIG WF196 Wifi6E PCBA
WIFI-5727 Update UUIDGenerator to UUIDv4 [ucentral-gw]
WIFI-5619 Exposed certificate absolute paths [ucentral-gw]
WIFI-5618 Exposed server version [deployment]
WIFI-5617 Exposed password hashes [ucentral-sec]
WIFI-5616 Improper default username & password handling [ucentral-sec]
WIFI-5615 Unsalted hash [ucentral-sec]
WIFI-3585 Action links should be temporary and randomly generated [ucentral-sec]
WIFI-3487 CIG - ath11k BDF files
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